I am a Swiss postdoctoral researcher working on the intersections of aesthetics and ethics. My dissertation dealt with literary and philosophical representations of intentions and pain and the ethical consequences of their attribution to others. My current project is in philosophy of the city, and here I investigate in how far cities can contribute to the good life of their inhabitants, with a special focus on architectural space syntax.

My research has been supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (Doc.CH), the Walter Benjamin Kolleg, the Holcim Foundation and the philosophy department of ETH Zurich. I have received the Elisabeth and Werner Leinfellner Prize in 2016 for the essay “Aesthetics and the ‘Inner’ Life“, and I was shortlisted for the British Society of Aesthetics Essay Prize for “Of Beetles and Roubles: Wittgenstein’s Novelistic Approach to the Interpretation of Action”.

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