Video: Cities on Mars

The latest video on my philosophical YouTube channel is on possible cities on Mars. Elon Musk has some pretty concrete plans for the Red Planet. However, he mostly discusses technological and financial obstacles. I’m more interested in psychological and political challenges to living on Mars. And I found most insightful considerations from an unlikely source:… Continue reading Video: Cities on Mars

The City and the Wild

I was extremely fortunate to have been able to take part in the Philosophy of Human-Technology Relations conference last weekend. It took place online but the energy and the good collegial atmosphere that I have also experienced at Philosophy of the City events was palpable nonetheless. The full program is available at the conference website.… Continue reading The City and the Wild

Review of my book

Daniël Vande has written a positive review of my book and it was published in Tijdschrif voor Filosofie 82 (1): 184-186 (in Dutch). I’m thrilled that it has achieved international attention.

Urban Kinaesthetics

The special issue of Contemporary Aesthetics, “Urban Aesthetics” was just published! One of my essays, “Urban Kinaesthetics” is a part of it, which is really cool. It’s a paper that discusses in how far can the city be appreciated as a beautiful object by first asking how the city can be treated as an object… Continue reading Urban Kinaesthetics

Mediating Wilderness

Awesome news! My abstract “Mediating Wilderness: The City’s Self-Demarcation from and Participation in Nature” was accepted for the online Philosophy of Human-Technology Relations Conference 2020.

Urban AI: Part II

So, I was able to take part in a fascinating online workshop on urban artificial intelligence (urban AI). We were quite a mixed bag of social scientists, designers, IT developers, and humanities academics from Finland, the Netherlands, India, Taiwan, Switzerland, USA etc. This made the event particularly stimulating, because it opened up the horizon for… Continue reading Urban AI: Part II

Urban AI

I’m excited to be participating in this online workshop on the use of artificial intelligence in urban environments. My position paper will be up shortly.


I’m happy to report that I’ve been shortlisted for the British Society of Aesthetics essay prize for my essay “Of Beetles and Roubles: Wittgenstein’s Dostoevskian Interpretation of Action”, even if I did not get the prize in the end.

Postponed conferences

For obvious reasons, many of the conferences planned for this year are postponed to the next. Some groups, like Philosophy of the City, have put all conferences on hold for both 2020 and 2021. I am looking forward to presenting at the events “Public Spaces: The Ideal and the Real” and “Living Democracy” when they… Continue reading Postponed conferences

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