Philosophy of the City Journal

As a member of the editorial team and a co-editor of the inaugural issue, I am very proud to announce the launching of the new Philosophy of the City Journal. The call for papers for the inaugural issue is out and the deadline is 31 March 2023!

New position

I am delighted to start my new Postdoc position with the new professor for Practical Philosophy, Nadia Mazouz, at the ETH Zurich!

Book contract with Routledge!

It’s thrilling and dream-like to be able to boast a book contract with Routledge before I have even written the book. They have offered me a contract based on the introductory chapter to my book Philosophy of the Wild City: Expanding Political Spaces. Very much looking forward to the writing process and hope to finish…

Workshop video

The video of my interdisciplinary workshop The City and the Wild is now up!

New journal publication

My paper “Representing and Embodying a Peripheral City’s Place in the World” is now published in the illustrious Journal of Aesthetics and Phenomenology. In an increasingly globalizing world, the aesthetics of Dubai have become potentially available even for impoverished, peripheral cities such as Belgrade. With the explicit rhetoric of finally achieving a “global profile” for…

Workshop “The City and the Wild”

I’m very excited to announce my upcoming interdisciplinary workshop “The City and the Wild”, in collaboration with the Collegium Helveticum. There will be keynote lectures by Jonathan Wolff (Oxford), Harini Nagendra (Bangalore), Annabel Brett (Cambridge), as well as numerous exciting inputs from researchers and artists like Sanna Lehtinen, Jonas Gillmann, Seraina Dür, Nitin Bathla etc.…

Collaboration with performers and designer

Currently exploring entanglements with non-human agencies (particularly pigeons!) together with performance artists Jonas Gillman and Seraina Dür, as well as with the designer and ecologist Flurina Gradin. We are planning a guided tour of the central train station in Zurich during the Otherwise festival at Gessnerallee in Zurich, as well as during my upcoming workshop…

New Video: Smart City

In this interview I talk with the philosophers of technology Sage Cammers-Goodwin and Michael Nagenborg. We discuss the attractions and trappings of smart cities.


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