Interview: Photographing Cities

What is the difference between a travel influencer’s and an artist’s approach to capturing pictures of cities? I address this and many other topics in my interview with the fine art photographer Lance A. Lewin.

Video: Transcultural Urban Aesthetics

Asian cities are usually seen as chaotic. However that is because those of us who grew up in Europe and North America are accustomed to linear orders of things, be they buildings or written words. In my new video I talk about the logic behind Asian urban aesthetics.

New book review

A new and wonderful review of my book A Picture Held us Captive is available here (in German).

Rezension meiner Dissertation

Tim Hofmann aus Basel hat in der Zeitschrift Germanistik eine gute Rezension meiner Dissertation verfasst: “Lobos Lektüren zeichnen sich durch ein hohes Mass an Werkkenntnis aller drei eingehend thematisierter Autoren aus.”

Video: Urban Aesthetics

Urban aesthetics is a marginal, though emerging field. This is surprising since it addresses a fairly common intuition that cities can be breathtakingly beautiful, and in a different way than paintings are beautiful. In my new video I talk about recent developments in the field and suggest that cities are not only beautiful because of… Continue reading Video: Urban Aesthetics

Publication: Techne and Poiesis

My paper “The Techne and Poiesis of Urban Life-Forms” can now be purchased online along with other fascinating chapters of Technology and the City, published by Springer! See here!

Video: Cities on Mars

Elon Musk has some pretty concrete plans for the Red Planet. However, he mostly discusses technological and financial obstacles. I’m more interested in psychological and political challenges to living on Mars. And I found most insightful considerations from an unlikely source: Plato. Plato’s Laws is about starting a new colony, the fictional city of Magnesia,… Continue reading Video: Cities on Mars

Conference and Video: The City and the Wild

I was extremely fortunate to have been able to take part in the Human-Technology Relations conference last weekend. What was most mind-blowing was the keynote lecture given by Prof. Ashley Shew (Virginia Tech). She talked about human-technology relations from the perspective of a technologically enabled disabled person (Prof. Shew’s lower leg has been amputated and… Continue reading Conference and Video: The City and the Wild

Review of my book

Daniël Vande has written a positive review of my book and it was published in Tijdschrif voor Filosofie 82 (1): 184-186 (in Dutch). I’m thrilled that it has achieved international attention.

Publication: Urban Kinaesthetics

The special issue of Contemporary Aesthetics, “Urban Aesthetics” was just published! One of my essays, “Urban Kinaesthetics” is a part of it, which is really cool. It’s a paper that discusses in how far can the city be appreciated as a beautiful object by first asking how the city can be treated as an object… Continue reading Publication: Urban Kinaesthetics


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